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Our story

It all started with Dania and Héloïse, the two founders of Study&Co.

Dania, who arrived in France in 2012 from Greece, spoke no French at all and found it difficult to settle in Paris.

Héloïse, on the other hand, arrived in Paris at the age of 18 from another region of France and had to find accommodation on her own -without a guarantee-, a student job and manage all her finances.
These two intrepid entrepreneurs shared a common desire: to find THE solution to help students and make their lives easier so that they can integrate as well as possible in France!

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Our team

Meet the whole Study&Co team!

  • Dania Andreakou - Cofounder & CEO

    When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

  • Héloïse Rey - Cofounder & COO

    Mobility is the key to learning - thanks to technology, students can learn while being mobile, exploring the world and expanding their horizons.

  • Augustin Gallardo - Product Owner

    The Product Owner must be the guardian of the product vision and advocate for the users, passionately creating unique experiences.

  • Marine Quenedey - Sales Manager Europe

    Being surrounded by passionate HigherEd professionals is a constant reminder of the importance and openness that mobility offers.

  • Rayane Belguerguid - Business Developer France

    The first interaction is crucial. By taking a needs-based view, we can optimise success and experience from the start.

  • Anaïs Verna - Marketing Project Manager

    The impact of marketing tools and social media is captivating, as they offer a powerful way to convey our values and messages.

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