Relax and enjoy!

Follow those 3 key steps and starting a new life will never have been this quick and easy!

  • Buy an eSIM card

    Receive an eSIM card that you can activate on your arrival

  • Book a pick up

    From the airport, train station or wherever you want!

  • Get a travel insurance

    Covers your health expenses from the first euro

Welcome Pickups

Advanced reservations to and from the airport and train stations for stress-free travel.

Find your dream house

  • Search your new place

    University residences, Crous residences,roommates, homestay or rent a studio .. There are many ways to find accommodation during your studies to find the most suitable solution

  • Find a guarantor

    Your guarantor is the person who will take charge of potential unpaid debts. The guarantor can be a natural person or a legal entity such as a company.

  • Prepare your application

    For your accommodation search, you will have to prepare every documents needed. There are obligatory and optional pieces. You have to bring your file for every visits.


  • Garantme

    Garantme helps students find housing by acting as a housing guarantor. 

    With your file certified in 24 hours, your housing application will be processed in priority by more than 3000 real estate agencies and 1500 student residences !

    You are under 30 years old? Good news, you'll be approved immediately by Garantme for up to 1500€ per month, no matter what your nationality is!

    The price is simple, 3.5% of your rent. Payable annually, refundable pro rata in case of early departure.

    You have 30€ less on your garant certificate with the code STUDYNCO


  • Spotahome

    Spotahome is one of the largest online platforms for renting properties and rooms in Europe, with more than 150,000 homes of all kinds: rooms, entire apartments, studios, halls of residence...

    15% discount on the tenant fee value with the code STUDYCO15, which is valid for all rentals done in all countries

  • Swwitch

    Switching your home allows you to easily book accommodation worldwide, save a rent abroad and keep your apartment during your stay.

    Swwitch is the world’s first housing exchange platform for international students ! Exchange your room or flat with another student : Easily book accommodations worldwide. Keep your current apartment and live rent free abroad.

    Book your house exchange for 249€. Get à 50€ discount with the code STUDYCO

All you need for your new home

That's it, you've found your new home, but you still have many things to do!

It's important to take care of your accommodation, when you leave it should be in the same condition as when you moved in.

  • Internet connexion

  • Gas and electricity

  • House insurance

  • Phone plan


  • GObyAVA

    GObyAVA is the travel universe of AVA, an insurance broker which design and distribute ready for use contracts adapt to all travelers for over 40 years.

    This student's home insurance covers your accommodation in France during your studies, whatever your type of accommodation is (CROUS room, T1 or T2) from € 10 / month.
    In shared accommodation or alone, this new contract offers a personalized and complete home guarantee so that you can enjoy your studies and stay with peace of mind.

  • AVA CLIC !

    A simple and competitive insurance that covers your new and used phone and tablet devices against the glitches of everyday life.

    This theft, breakage and oxidation insurance proposes the repair or replacement of the device from € 5 per month. A 100% online approach, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • HEYME - Civil liability insurance

    Mandatory to finalize your registration in higher education but also for your internships, the Civil Liability insurance covers the damages you could cause to others in your daily student or private activities (working from home, babysitting, leisure activities...).

    Benefit from a 10% discount on your civil liability insurance thanks to the partner code 75SCO-10 to be entered in the subscription tunnel on


  • Bouygues B&You

    With your B&You non-binding mobile plan, you benefit from the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network at a low price.

    You can keep for free your phone number and whether or not to take advantage of a new mobile with your non-binding plan

    Choose your package in a few clicks, quickly receive your SIM card, simply activate it from your customer area and you're done!

  • Forfait sensation - Bouygues

    As a full-service electronic communications operator, Bouygues Telecom stands out by providing its 15 million customers access
    to the best technology has to offer on a daily basis. The very high quality of its 4G mobile network and of its fixed and Cloud
    services provides customers with simple solutions, enabling them to fully enjoy their digital lives, regardless of their location.


  • EkWateur

    ekWateur is France’s first alternative energy supplier.

    No paperwork, no fees, no commitment : it takes less than 10 minutes to suscribe and supply your home with green energy !

    Enjoy a 20€ discount on your first energy invoice ! 

All you need for your health

"Taking care of your health is important, we offer you solutions to help you stay calm."

  • Complementary Health Insurance

Complementary Health Insurance


    Expert in student social protection, HEYME offers health and insurance solutions adapted to the needs of all students (health insurance for international students, complementary health insurance, civil liability, housing insurance...).

    Co-construction of our offers and our website with students
    Unlimited medical teleconsultation included in our health offers (available in French & English)
    An app to track your reimbursements, send your documents, find a doctor and more

    Benefit from a 10% discount on your complementary health insurance thanks to the partner code 75SCO-10 to be entered in the subscription tunnel on
    Simple, educational and bilingual website (French & English)
    Bilingual teleconsultants available by email, phone and online chat at